Study Plans

The human brain learns academic material faster and better if studied in small blocks of time spread out over longer periods of time, rather than in a few lengthy sessions. Understanding what a study plan is and how it impacts your learning can greatly benefit your educational experience.

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What is a study plan?

  • It’s a chart or schedule that allows you to block out the time needed each day for well-defined learning activities, goals, and routine daily tasks.
  • It’s an effective way to design an organized path to help achieve success in your college education.

Why do I need one?

  • It’s important because, as an online independent learner, you are responsible for your learning and study experience.

You will need to do some self-evaluation of your current schedule and time management to create a plan that covers all the necessary elements.

How do I create a study plan?

Everyone’s study plan will be different. There is no one correct study plan for everyone. Here is one way that you could create a study plan.

  1. Create a time chart of your current activities to see where and how you are spending your time in a typical week. You can find information on this and a Time Use Chart in the Time Management Strategies & Tips page.
  2. List all the courses or topics that need to be studied and establish your study goals.
  3. Looking back at the time chart that you created, find blocks of time that you could use for studying. Even blocks of 20-30 minutes can be very useful. Using a calendar or planner, mark blocks of time for work, personal time, family time, and for your different courses and topics.

Now stick to your schedule!

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