Techniques for Goal Setting

The video below was created by the folks at Mind Tools.  It introduces five techniques that can be used for setting goals that are realistic and attainable.

1. Set Goals that Motivate You – Make sure they are important to you and that there is value in achieving them. Motivation is key to achieving goals.

2. Set SMART GoalsGoalSettingSMART

  •  Specific – well defined and clear
  •  Measurable – include precise amounts, dates, etc.
  •  Attainable – possible to achieve
  •  Relevant – to the direction of your life and career
  •  Time-Bound – must have a deadline

3. Put Goals in Writing – Writing them down makes them real and tangible.

4. Make an Action Plan – Don’t forget the steps to get to the goal. Write them down and cross them off as completed.

5. Stick With It – This is an ongoing activity. Build in reminders to stay on track and periodic times to review your goals.

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