Mistakes in Setting Goals

MistakesGoalSettingSetting Unrealistic Goals
When contemplating your goals, you should definitely consider the sky as the limit but after deciding on a goal, make sure it is realistic.

Miscalculating Completion Time
Try to be accurate when estimating a completion time for your goal. It can be disappointing when a goal is taking longer than anticipated and causes you to become sidetracked and distracted.

Not Keeping Track of Progress
Use those short-term goals leading up to your long-term goals to gauge your progress.

Setting too Many Goals
When it comes to setting goals remember quality, not quantity. Focusing on a few goals at once will yield better results and you will have greater success.

Not Writing Them Down
When you physically write down a goal you are committing to it and putting it into action.

Goals Aren’t Measurable
By quantifying your goals you are establishing the criteria of how that goal would be considered accomplished.

Not Creating Due Dates
Creating a deadline will keep your goals on track and force you to continue to move forward toward goal completion. Due dates will also assist in avoiding procrastination.

The best way to avoid mistakes when setting goals is to remember to set SMART goals.  Be sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.